Trade Show Magician

The Biggest mistake you can do when hiring a magician for your trade show stand is to book a magician without seeing any proof they can work trade shows

Trade Shows require more than just your standard magician, The magician needs to know Sales and Marketing- he needs to be able to pull a huge crowd from an audience that has not come to see him, He needs to work your sales message into his show, he needs to pre-qualify that crowd and needs to be able to have the stamina to do 2 shows and hour every hour.

Sydney is fortunate to have the ONLY International Merlin Award winning Trade Show magician (Magician Oscars) in Australia voted to win the award by 41000 members world wide, His name is David Welzman-The Trade Show specialist watch the video below for more info on exactly why he is different and what he can do for your trade show marketing.


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