Sydney Roving Magicians

Sydney’s Leading Roving Magician for Cocktail parties, Pre dinner drinks and company Christmas party Dinners

David Welzman

Incredible sleight of hand magic within a handshakes distance, One thing that separates Welzman from the othersĀ  is his ability to weave comedy into his magic. Audiences around the world and been wowed by the award winning magician and laughed so hard at his hilarious comedy

  • International Merlin Award Winner (Magician Oscars)
  • Selected as the only Australian on USA’s Great Magicians of the World (where he mostly did Roving magic)
  • The finest roving magician in Australia
  • Yes he really lives in Sydney


Roving Magic can be used at the following Corporate Events

Split Time option:
With all events below you can split up bookings of 1 hour or more, so if you book 2 hours you don’t have to have these 2 hours all in 1 chunk- you can split it up 1 hour at the start and then wait an hour and then come in for the second hour- this frees you up and allows the entertainment to go with the event as opposed to be restricted in when you have the entertainment. He can stop for speeches, dinner etc without you losing time.

Cocktail Party Entertainment
Mingling with the small groups of cocktail party guests to give them the personalised experience you can’t get with ANY other form of entertainment, Welzman is the perfect choice to get your audiences wowed and laughing out loud. With amazing magic and his ability to make you laugh out loud he is always a sure fire winner. One thing to mention that no one else does is Welzmans ability to get shy people involved- there are always those shy people who stand on the side of cocktail parties and Welzman starts off performing to the outer groups of the event- consciously looking for those shy people to invite over to the larger group. This ensures no one is left behind.


Pre Dinner Drinks
Similar to Cocktail parties, but with one core difference- TIME! you have limited time at pre dinner drinks to break the ice and get the energy level up, so you need a master magician who can approach a group, then do some powerful magic quickly- get in a few laughs and move onto the next group. If you spend too long with one group- people miss out. so the performances are quick, direct and very funny.

During the Dinner
Unlike cocktail parties and pre dinner drinks- The magician Welzman is performing at (normally) large round tables of 8-10 guests- this allows for different magic from what he may have performed at pre dinner drinks. Longer routines can be used as Welzman walks around the entire table performing amazing and interactive routines that are guaranteed to make your guests go wow and laugh out loud.

When guests are eating it is not the best time to perform, however if tables are cleared or waiting to be served – these are the times to use Roving magic at a company dinner

After Dinner when the music is on
At the end of many dinners use a DJ or band that play loud music and lights are darker- Not everyone dances and Welzmans roving magic can be performed at this time without interfering with the music, to those not dancing

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